Benedict Cumberbatch: Close?  "I loved"

Benedict Cumberbatch: Close? “I loved”

Since his debut as Stephen Hawking, Benedict Cumberbatch has been a standout actor. For the literary film “The Power of a Dog,” he plays a sadistic cowboy who lived in Montana 100 years ago.

The pandemic halted the shooting with Jane Campion in New Zealand, where she played a very sadistic breeder in Dog Power. How was it even possible to finish shooting this movie after a forced hiatus in the midst of the pandemic?

Benedict Cumberbatch: Due to extensive safety precautions in New Zealand, we were able to continue filming under strict conditions. We felt very safe in our little movie world, protected on set. We were completely alone.

How long have you been in lockdown mode?

Three months. But I loved it because we were so lucky to be in New Zealand. My parents were there too, my kids and my wife anyway. My mom and dad wanted to spend three weeks with us. On the set, they first saw how their son was riding a good horse and tending the livestock, and then we went on a road trip together – and then we went into lockdown. In the end, they stayed for five months!

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