Beijing denies that a piece of Chinese missile will hit the moon

Beijing denies that a piece of Chinese missile will hit the moon

China denied on Monday that it is a piece rocket Because of a crash in March on the moon Or the remains of one of its launchers, contrary to what experts claim.

At the end of January, the astronomer Bill GrayThe creator of a program for calculating the paths of asteroids and other objects announced that the space debris scheduled to crash on March 4 was the second stage of a rocket from the American company SpaceX. Bill Gray returned to that announcement last week, admitting there was a mistake, and now claims it was part of a Chinese missile launched in 2014.

Chinese Foreign Ministry denies

When questioned, the Chinese Foreign Ministry denied, stressing that the accused missile “entered the Earth’s atmosphere again without danger and was completely burned.” The diplomatic spokesperson stressed that Beijing “is sincerely committed to the long-term viability of its space activities.” ChineseWang Wenbin.

According to Bill Gray, its software is used by the monitoring programs it funds NASAthe object in question belongs to the Long March rocket that was launched during the launch of the spacecraft into space Chang’e 5-T1, part of the Chinese space agency’s lunar exploration program. In early 2019, China landed a device on the far side of the moon, for the first time in the world.

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