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‘Avatar 3’: James Cameron plots Fire Navy Clan on Pandora | NDR.de – Culture

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Since the movie debuted in Germany, “Avatar 2” has attracted nearly six million cinema viewers. Director James Cameron reveals details about “Avatar 3” and “4” in interviews: About a new Na’vi clan.

by Patricia Patel

Most of the films following “Avatar 3” have been completed. The many years of preparation for the 16-month shoot in New Zealand – both underwater and in motion-capture technology in front of a green screen – for “Avatar 2 – The Way of Water” has already included most of the scenes for the sequel.

James Cameron: Four completed scripts for the ‘Avatar’ sequels

In the Interview with the trade magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” “We know exactly where we want to go when we have the chance,” said 68-year-old director, producer and screenwriter James Cameron. “And that opportunity is simply based on box office results: whether fans want the sequel, whether they want[the second movie]) It is enough “.

Canadian producer, director and writer James Cameron, 68, has been working on the Avatar story for nearly two decades. He now lives in New Zealand.

According to data from The Hollywood Reporter, production costs for Avatar 2 alone are probably around $350 million USD — without a sizable marketing budget, at least. This makes Waterway one of the most expensive films of all time. With it already grossing over $1 billion USD worldwide, there shouldn’t be much standing in the way of the saga continuing. “We’re not going to look at it from a distance until after February,” Cameron told The Business podcast in January. You have to see how overall cinema numbers will evolve in 2023.

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As Cameron, who has now moved to New Zealand from the US, continued with The Hollywood Reporter, the further plan for the Avatar series goes something like this: Avatar 3 is mostly finished, and a fourth sequel is planned for 2026 — filmed A small part already – and there is already a script for Part 5: “Everything is written, from start to finish: four scripts – and the design is there,” says the Canadian director.

James Cameron on set  "Avatar 2" © 2022 20th Century Studios.  Photo: Mark Fellman

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The new Navi clan in “Avatar 3”: Fire Navi with a dark side

As James Cameron said in an interview with the French medium “20 Minutes” in early January, “Avatar 3” will also introduce a new Avatar clan. After the Omaticaya forest clan (from part 1) and the Metkayina sea clan (from “Avatar 2”), the Navi clan “Ash People” is introduced.

Director James Cameron at the world premiere of the film "Avatar 2" © Vianney Le Caer / Invision via AP / dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++ Photo: Vianney Le Caer

James Cameron says the previous “Avatar” movies were just a bit of a submission. With films 3, 4, and 5, the best is yet to come: “The later parts will be the best.”

In “Avatar 3” new sides of Navis will appear, different from their predecessors. “Fire will be represented by ‘Ash People’,” said Cameron. “I want to show a different side of Navi than I’ve done before, as I’ve only presented the good side of Navi so far.” “In the previous films, there were examples of bad people and examples of good Navis. In ‘Avatar 3’ it will be the opposite. We will explore new worlds, and we will also get to know the previous main characters better,” Cameron told Variety quoted. “I can say: the last portions would be the best. The other portions were an introduction, a way of setting the table before the main course was served.”

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Possible theatrical release of “Avatar 3” in December 2024

Since movies — like the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the “Hobbit” in the past — have always come out in December, the “Avatar” saga seems to adhere to that date as well. The US release date for “Avatar 3” appears to be December 20, 2024. Since the US release date is two days behind the German date, the Association of Film Distributors lists the German release dates for the “Avatar” sequels as follows:

The content of “Avatar 3” is still unknown

Cast Sam Worthington (from left), Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, with director James Cameron, Kate Winslet and Stephen Lang at the Avatar premiere © StillMoving.net for Disney

James Cameron was unable to travel to the US premiere of “Avatar 2” due to the COVID-19 disease. Ahead, the blockbuster will celebrate its world premiere with the team in London.

Most likely, the villain of the next installments will remain the avatar of Colonel Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang. The next, as-yet-untitled chapter – despite rumors of being a “seed bearer” – will likely continue to explore the nuclear family of Jake Sulley (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), as well as the teenage girl’s mysterious paternity – Na’vi Kiri (Sigourney Weaver) and Um Spider (Jack Champion). The latter has been part of the Sully family since “Way of Water”. It’s also possible that Kate Winslet and Clive Curtis as leaders of the Avatar’s marine Mytkyina clan will play a role again, as many of the bizarre underwater scenes take place.

In light of “The Way of Water”‘s box office results so far, James Cameron and his team can dive into the complex post-production phase of “Avatar 3.”

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