Australia and New Zealand reopen non-quarantine flights

Australia and New Zealand reopen non-quarantine flights


Premier Soccer League is not the NBA (even if it looks at basketball)

AGI – The Super League already exists in Europe and it is the one proposed by Elite Basketball. It is called the Euroleague and the old continent’s strongest (spanning into Russia, Turkey and Israel) play there, divided between established teams or those with a ten-year license, and those with multi-year licenses, land cards (chosen with the calling system) and “promotion.” “For the winning team (or finalists) in the European Cup, the second European club competition. Current members include Olimpia Milano who qualified, this year only, to the qualifiers that give access to the Final Four, the last chapter of the event. 4 Spanish, 3 Russian, 2 German, 2 Turkish, 2 Greek, 1 Lithuanian teams, 1 Italian team, 1 Israeli, 1 Serbian team and 1 French team will participate in the 2020-21 season. And this is the model the new Premier League proposed by the 12 richest clubs in European football looks like. On the one hand, the envisioned concept seems very far from the NBA, the world’s most famous basketball (and possibly sports) league that has completely different rules and strongly defends the concept of “competition” and “sporting merit”. In the event that it moves to the port, the project Juventus, Inter, Milan, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Real, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona can be described as an annual special tournament whose participation is linked to wealth and club clubs. The basic idea is a European Championship with 20 teams, midweek, with an Italian group and a playoff match, and a Final with a direct elimination and no relegation. The big differences with the NBA To try to understand the extent of the two facts, we can start with geography. The National Basketball Association was founded in 1946 to oppose Nbl, which was developed in 1937. Both leagues host the best basketball teams in the United States with a system different from the Europeans, very heterogeneous, less bound to local traditions and more focused on patriotism. The Lakers, for example, are now a Los Angeles team but were once based in Minneapolis (in California there are no Lakes if you wonder about the origin of the name). Seattle lost its team, Sonics, who became Thunder and now resides in Oklahoma City. This happens because there are “privileges” in the NBA that can move from city to city: it would be impossible to imagine Juventus away from Turin or Real Madrid away from Madrid. But the most obvious differences relate to the “sporting” side of the competition. The NBA devised two measures to prevent some teams from becoming stronger than others and to ensure frequent turns at the top. The first is the maximum salary, that is, no team can exceed the predetermined amount of wages for players (otherwise there will be high fines); The second is the draft, or the possibility of selecting “new” players, such as the real lottery, aimed at those with the most talents. Immediately restart by selecting a new sample. There are no nurseries in Nba (you fish from universities or from players all over the world) and the lists change dramatically every year. Moreover, the NBA is a league that is “governed” by players, not clubs. There is no possibility to “buy” basketball players like in football, the meaning of “earning capital” is unknown, and there is no financial debt as we know it on this side of the ocean. Everyone is competing to export overseas, thus selling everywhere, of the entire product rather than selling the single player club. Finally, there is no substitute for the NBA: the smaller leagues are called “development” and there is no first division, Spanish league, or English Premier League that can rival the “Premier League”. Similarities with EUROLEAGUE In June 2000, nine teams broke away from the old ‘UEFA Champions League’ basketball formula to form their own league. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Basconia, Olympiacos, Zalgreis Kaunas, AEK Athena, Italians, Benetton Treviso, Kinder Bologna and Fortitudo Bologna became the founding members. These teams clashed with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to form the European Basketball Association (ULIP) and the new competition began in the 2000/01 season. The split only lasted for one year as many teams jumped in to join it a year later. In 2004 the old competition (called Suproleague) was disbanded. In the year 2105, there was a new revolution with guaranteed participation of 13 teams for 10 years, including Olimpia Milano and with an invitation that was extended to the other participating teams by handing out secondary licenses (usually for two years) or individual licenses. This new system was joined by a TV contract worth 630 million euros which definitely led to the start of the project. But a few weeks ago, seven teams met secretly in Athens and it is rumored that new changes may be underway. But this time it will be organizational change and new divisions are not envisioned. But football knows that everything can happen.

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