Aurillac-ASM : Théo Lachaud au talon... secondé par Alex Plantier

Aurillac-ASM: Théo Lachaud at the heel… on loan from Alex Plantier

The broken hand that Luka Nyuradze gave at the start of the friendly campaign is a small thorn in the side of Orilaküez Stadium. Deprived of the Georgian prostitute in the wake of the first test against Agen, Cantal Club registered a new split this week, with Adrian Smith injured.

Stade Aurillacois to support CA Brive on the occasion of Supersevens

Adrian Smith and Luca Newrades had hoped to get Bézier

The 30-year-old New Zealander was kept for the ASM college game due to a one-calf rise. Painful but the club does not intend to risk it.

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Live video on

The derby between Stade Aurillacois and ASM Clermont will be watched live on our website from 7pm.
For this match as before, a health card is mandatory in order to attend the match in the stands.
At the end of the meeting, Aurillac will present its workforce to the audience of Jean-Alric.

To take on ASM, Aurillac will rely only on one professional prostitute, U-20 World Champion Théo Lachaud. To support him, the staff will already call the usual left columnist Alexandre Blantyre. “Fortunately, it didn’t happen to us in the championship but we don’t lead much,” Romeo Gontiac points out.

“Alex (Blantier) already played the prostitute in his youth and we hope to get one of the prostitutes back next week [contre Béziers]. As of Tuesday, Alex managed to work at the station, it is not new to him. We trust him, no problem.”

romeo jontignac (Coach Aurillacois Stadium)

This derby against ASM, Aurillacois Jean-Baptiste Singer is on hold for a long time

Against an ASM-caliber team, Aurillac also preferred not to send young Lilian Djomboué into the fire. Hooker is from the Espoirs but his position in this position was changed last year only in one season with only a handful of matches, the former Parisian still has to improve his training, especially in the pitch.

“Physically, he’s fine, but maybe still a little too giving for ASM,” Kantal’s head coach warns.

Owner of a clear feat for Hugo Boisseau’s serve against Bourgoin, Theo Lachaud will continue his third preparatory match with Aurillac. Photo by Jeremy Fullerringer

For the rest, Aurillac has tightened its stack compared to Bourgoin’s reception with just 32 players versus 36 against CSBJ. But the two teams that line up on Friday will be very close to the 15th teams present at the start of each term, on August 13.

ASM in a friendly match in Aurillac without Parra or Lopez, on Friday

Three ex-adhesives on one side, and three ex-Aurillacois on the other

Note that three former Clermontois cast members will be present on the set: Jean-Baptiste Singer, Marc Palmier and Pierre Le Huby, all of whom trained at ASM.

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In the ranks of Clermont, they will also be three who have passed under the banner of Cantal, all in the front row, in the presence of the prostitute Adrien Pelesi and the pillars Christian Oguvan and Jorge Perea.

Jean Paul Koda

Aurillac Group

Attackers: Royer, Plantier, Polit, Lachaud, Kartvelishvili, Gajion, Tivoli, Moukete, Singer, Motoc, Tsutskiridze, Maituku, Farret, Roussel, Profit, Tison, Havili.

rear: Delaro, Poiso, Rygiardo, Nelson, Palmer, Ormond, Minguelon, Saguti, Debordeaux, Yobo, Vaccaro, Valentin, Gogoladze, Le Hopi, Nessin.

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