Auckland is in short lockdown due to new coronavirus cases

Auckland is in short lockdown due to new coronavirus cases

After three coronavirus cases in Auckland, a three-day lockdown began in the city on Monday. Health authorities said the cases were the most contagious type, which was first detected in Great Britain. She added that the genomic tests were not related to previously known cases. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the lockdown after an emergency cabinet meeting.

New Zealand’s first lockdown in six months

The lockdown, which continues until Wednesday, is the first of its kind in the country in six months. New Zealand has succeeded in controlling the virus; Broadcasts within the country were not known recently. Thus, people’s daily life is largely normal, and wearing masks and other precautionary measures are dispensed with. After the most recent case in Auckland, the largest city, some regulations have tightened in the rest of the country as well, for example the size of gatherings is limited to 100 people.

Mother, father and daughter are infected

According to official information, the three injured were family members: a mother, father and daughter. The mother works for a catering company that provides laundry services for airlines. An infected passenger is being investigated. Mother did not get on the planes.

In New Zealand, which has a population of five million, just over 2,300 cases and 25 deaths related to the virus have been confirmed since the start of the pandemic.

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