Atmospheric West: Cowboys and Memories also have their secrets

Atmospheric West: Cowboys and Memories also have their secrets

Two brothers live on a farm in Montana. George (Jesse Plemons) is an intellectual with morals. It seems that Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) only enjoys when he offends others and acts like a stinky shoe.

About the two brothers, Jane Campion tells a tale of male cowboys, psychological warfare, and secret tendencies: Dog Power (new on Netflix) is inspired by Thomas Savage’s novel and is often in the same vein as Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain” Called, which is only partially true.

In Campion’s work, eroticism is only vague in the room

There are no cowboys sharing a bed here, fetishism is only vague in the room, because Jane Campion does not have unique scenic views. The art of directing thrives on suggesting emotional worlds, and keeping things hanging, which you can do with “The Power Of The Dog” just like in “Das Piano.”

A movie about buried feelings that definitely needs good actors, Campion owns them. Benedict Cumberbatch shines as a cynical rowing king who is perhaps not a monster behind a rough facade.

Kirsten Dunst plays the brother’s wife

The victim of an elephant’s sharp tongue is Rose (Kirsten Dunst), his brother’s wife. Dunst shows one of her best performances ever when Rose succumbs to alcohol under the taunts of her brother-in-law.

Phil also makes fun of Rose’s son Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee). This only changes after he discovers a clan spirit in Peter. Like I said: Campion gives the characters a little secret. Others make so many words, they let the pictures speak.

The result is a western psyche against an atmospheric landscape backdrop (taken in New Zealand), the swan song of a strong bully in the classic western. Campion has: a cowboy who is a very gentle and sensitive person.

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