At what age do we start getting old?  Science has the answer

At what age do we start getting old? Science has the answer

At what age do we start getting old? Not from birth. But definitely not when you feel old.

No, aging is not measured by the first wrinkles around the eyes. Scientists agree that we age when our cells begin to fail. It’s aging, cell degradation, This manifests itself through the accumulation of defects in gene transfer, the shortening of telomeres (the final part of the chromosomes, which is gradually “eroding”) or even the less efficient elimination of defective proteins. It is a complex and gradual process based on genetic heritage and lifestyle … And we start long before we feel old.

Various studies indicate the onset of aging between the 20s and 30s. Thus, New Zealand researchers, who examined the bodies of 954 people of different ages (kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, blood, immune system, etc.) estimate that the first signs of organ damage appear from the age of 26.

At Stanford University (California), Tony Weiss-Corray, a professor of neuroscience, observed blood aging and estimates, in a study published in the journal. Nature Medicine, That this is characterized by three stages, the first of which is at the age of 34 (the second stage is at the age of 60 and the third is at the age of 78). Another study published by the University of Cambridge reports that it takes 30 years for the brain and nervous system to mature … and also start to decline.

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Article published in NEON magazine from December 2020 to January 2021

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