ARD presenter Esther Sedlaczyk strongly rejects Hummels

ARD presenter Esther Sedlaczyk strongly rejects Hummels

Esther Sedlaczek conducts the “Quizduell-Olymp” in the first part.Photo: ARD / Uwe Ernst


Jennifer Ulrich

On October 13, broadcaster Esther Sedlaczek welcomed the sister duo to “Quizduell-Olymp”: Kathy Hummels and Vanessa Fisher competed against three professionals in competitions in different categories. At first they did a very good job.

At least Cathy Hamels didn’t trust her knowledge too much and resorted to subterfuge: She wanted to attract Esther Sedlaczyk to her team. The 37-year-old’s reaction was clear.

Kathy Hamels doesn’t like math questions

The sisters might convince Mary Louise Fink. Among other things, the question about “Let’s Dance” is not a problem for her. As the film progresses, the “sports presentation” category is offered as an option, and suddenly Cathy Hummels’ knees are shaking – even though, as is well known, she was once in a relationship with a professional football player.

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The problem: She’s no longer up to date when it comes to soccer, and things seem rather bleak in other sports as well. Kathy Hummels joked that she currently only knows anything about the football club owned by her son Ludwig. Like his famous father, he aims to play professional football.

Vanessa Fisher and Kathy Hamels were guests on ARD.

Vanessa Fisher and Kathy Hamels were guests on ARD.Photo: Cathyhumiles/Instagram

On the other hand, Esther Sedlaczyk manages not only the “Quizduell-Olymp”, but also the “Sportschau” initially. If anyone knows anything about sports, it’s probably her. This in turn gives Cathy Hamels an idea. “Would you like to join our team?” she asks frankly.

Esther Sedlaczyk laughs at first, but the 35-year-old doesn’t give up. When the sisters finally decided to choose the “TV Series” category and thus sweep “Sportschau” off the table, Kathy Hamels once again waves the fence post in Esther Sedlaczyk’s direction:

“We’re not doing ourselves any favors in sports. Unless you want to be on our team.”

At this point, the supervisor feels compelled to make a clear announcement. “I’ll get fired then,” she says, much to the disappointment of the celebrities.

Cathy Hummels and Vanessa Fisher fail ARD test

After a good start, Cathy Hummels and Vanessa Fisher were unlucky in the Quizduell-Olymp final. Thorsten Zirkel made only one mistake, but the sisters made several mistakes in a row and thus missed out on the win in the last few metres.

When it comes to the question of naming a dog breed after an island off the coast of Canada, that’s the bottom line. They answer “New Zealand” instead of “Newfoundland.” “Get rid of it very quickly,” recommends Esther Sedlaczyk regarding test bankruptcy. At least the candidates are taking defeat calmly. They donated the €1,000 they previously won in the fencing to the aid organization Ein Herz 4 Kinder.

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