Apple raises the veil on AirTag, but what is it?

Apple raises the veil on AirTag, but what is it?

It is a GPS beacon (without GPS), found anywhere on the planet, intended to hold onto your personal belongings.

Credit: Apple

It’s been nearly two years until we hear about it, and more than a year and a half this product has been anticipated at every Apple conference, with no daylight seen at all. This time is the occasion. On the occasion of the spring conference, Apple just lifted the veil on AirTag, the popular GPS beacon intended to hang your personal items in order to find them from the app. “Locate” From iPhone.

As expected, the AirTag takes the form of a small, slightly squeezed round pebble, showcasing the brand’s iconic logo. By bringing your iPhone closer to the AirTag, you will have the right to receive haptic notification and feedback indicating that you are approaching the target thanks to the U1 chip (only present on iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6 for a moment.). Of course, you can find the accessory and item attached to it on the map from any Apple device with Locate. It is also possible to create an AirTag loop remotely from your iPhone thanks to the built-in small speaker. Apple requires, AirTag website data is kept very carefully and is not shared.

To attach the AirTag to your things like your wallet, keys, or even your bag, Apple planned the hit with a slew of accessories, including a signed Hermès kit. You can also have letters or emojis engraved in there for free. AirTag will be available from April 23 at a price of 35 euros per unit, and a package from 4 to 119 euros.

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