Apex Storage X21: 21 SSDs in his PC

Apex Storage X21: 21 SSDs in his PC

The Apex Storage X21 comes in the form of a card that runs on a PCIe x16 slot and might suggest a graphics card…but the real functionality of this machine is being able to install up to 21 SSDs. MVME! And with a card like that (and a lot of money), you could do like American Sabrent who fully outfitted their Apex Storage X21 with an 8TB Rocket 4 Plus series SSD. Operation results: 168 TB of SSD storage.

Using PCIe 4.0 x16 as the interface, a maximum of about 32GB/s can be achieved. Obviously, this card isn’t really intended for the general public. First of all, don’t expect it to “quietly” install on your computer. In addition to its PCIe slot, you will need to connect it The card’s two 6-pin PCIe slots for graphics are capable of handling a maximum power draw of 225W. As you can see from the pictures The SSDs that equip the card (Samsung here) are installed bare and therefore without heatsink additional. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends a certain air flow in the case. Especially since you can see that the board is built like a sandwich with two PCBs almost close together.

Storage Apex X21
The “sandwich” design of the Apex Storage X21 card

to BuildingThe commercial use of this map could be for example in the field of machine learning. Indeed, its compact format makes it possible to offer an alternative to traditional flash bays which are obviously much larger.

Apex Storage X21 specifications

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