Apex Legends wreaks havoc in new • Nintendo Connect group event

Apex Legends wreaks havoc in new • Nintendo Connect group event

Mark posting Apex Legends about Nintendo Switch On March 9, 2021, EA and Respawn Entertainment are hosting the Chaos Theory Collecting Event. From March 9 to 23, you’ll celebrate Caustic, the infamous and murderous world of the Outlands, and introduce many changes and new ways to play the popular Battle Royale.

More details about the event are as follows:

  • Kastik Staatopernahm – Caustic Filtration provides players with a new dominant mousetrap with loads of high-quality loot. To prevent fuel spilled at the crash site from reaching the ocean, players must drain the toxic liquid from the center of the facility to temporarily access four gold objects that are roofed in cages.
  • Thank you- Eskalationsübernahme – The new game genre “Ring Frenzy Escalation Takeover” makes life difficult for players who have one or more episodes inside the current one. Players who enter Ring Glow receive damage equal to Ring damage for the current round. Additionally, players can use the Heat Shield, a new object that creates a protective dome that briefly directs the lethal effect of the ring over the barricade. Heat shields are housed in a new survival hatch intended to eliminate the choice between normal prey and case-dependent aids such as portable repeater transmitters and heat shields.
  • Chaos theory collection happened – With a bonus line that includes new cosmetic playable items, this event features legendary Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skins, daily rewards and challenges, and a new set of 24 limited-event cosmetic items. All 24 items can be purchased directly (using Apex Coins and Crafting Metals) and will be included in the Event Apex Packs for the duration of the event. Players who collect all 24 event items will receive a Bangalore Heirloom. After the event, the legacy will be available to all players through Heirloom Crafting.
  • Reconciliation without regeneration – A new way to play as a Single Legend where you are assigned to the Selected Playlist without a team of players. This feature gives players lots of creative opportunities to play their own way.
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