Der reisefreudige Adéliepinguin aus der Antarktis wurde in Neuseeland aufgepäppelt und in der Magnet Bay auf der Banks-Halbinsel wieder ausgesetzt (zVg STUFF).

Antarctic penguin swims 3000 km to New Zealand

According to data from the online Encyclopedia of Birds of New Zealand, this was only the third time since records began that the Adélie penguin had reached New Zealand from Antarctica. At first it was not clear why the still flightless seabird swam. According to the encyclopedia, Adélie penguins are abundant in the Ross Sea, but they rarely find their way to New Zealand.

Thomas Strack, the recalled penguin expert, said the penguin was a bit underweight and dehydrated, according to the “Things” portal. He got liquids and fish juices. The feathered visitor can be seen in a video filmed by the penguin who found the penguin, and it appears to be very playful. Stave reports that after staying in a care center in Christchurch, he was again released into the open air on Friday.

Before his plane visit, the body of an Adélie penguin was found in Marlborough in 1962, and a live specimen was discovered in Kaikoura in 1993. According to the encyclopedia, the model of the Adélie penguin is, among other things, the white ring around the eye, which can be clearly seen in Photos and videos on the “Stuff” page.

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