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While New Zealand is a place of longing for many people, it was quite the opposite for Ant Utama from New Zealand. He just wanted to get out of there. In contrast to his new home in Cologne, the people there are quite reserved.

As a street musician in Cologne, he has gained a lot of experience over the past few years that he wouldn’t have had in any office. He even sees this change from a stable salary to an uncertain musical income as enrichment. “The courage to live further” is also a major theme in his music.

Five questions for Ant Utama

Why do you make music?

Because I love inspiring people through my words to take their lives into their own hands—not always traditionally and sensibly, but exactly how they imagine it to be. Life is a journey and I want to encourage others to be brave so they have no regrets later.

What famous song would you like to write?

I would have loved to have written the (cheesy as it is) song “Don’t Stop Believing” through Journey. It is a powerful and motivating song that tells the story of every young artist chasing their dream.

What’s the most important performance you’ve done so far?

My most important performance was at a festival in Budapest in 2021. It was my first big performance outside of Germany and for me it was the next step in my musical career. I hope that more such “milestones” await me, which will make me grow.

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What do you still have to do in life?

You have to be true to yourself to be truly happy. I gave up my desk job to devote myself to music. Even though I am on my own without any security, I have a lot of invaluable freedom. This risk was definitely worth it!

What do you want everyone to write about you in ten years?

In ten years there will be a new generation of successful young people. My dream is for my music to help some of them today stay motivated, dream big and pursue their goals. My music should be the soundtrack to them.

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