Andrea Kewell stubbornly ignores direction instructions

Andrea Kewell stubbornly ignores direction instructions

It’s all about Australia in Andrea Kewell’s ‘ZDF’ TV Park.Image: / imago images


Jana Aizerbek

It’s currently all about the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand – also at the ‘ZDF TV Garden’. There Andrea “Kiwi” Kewell welcomes her guests and viewers under the slogan “Journey Down”.

In addition to successful table football players, Kiwi hosts stars such as Christine Stark, Ella Finally and Dante Thomas as guests – and a real spider expert. This pushed Andrea Kewell to her limits that day.

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Spiders push Andrea Kewell to her limits

In keeping with the Australia theme, Andrea Kewell invited spider expert Deniz Soroklu. He is known as the German “Spinnfluencer” because he repeatedly shows himself on Instagram and Tiktok with some of the most venomous spiders, allowing them to crawl across his face or up his arms. His videos are not intended for people with arachnophobia. Kiwi knows this too and warns her audience at the “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” in advance: anyone afraid of spiders should now look the other way.

The presenter herself doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of spiders, but she still seems fascinated by the animals – and she’s outdone herself. At first, she strongly rejected the audience’s calls for the presenter to put a spider on her hand: “Really friends, no!” But she dared after Deniz assured her that the spider was not actually doing anything. “I have sweat on my hands,” she said after the experience.

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Andrea Kewell refuses to direct

But the Kiwi’s bravery didn’t end there. I became more and more curious. But at some point it seems that the direction had enough of the spider content and started giving signals to the presenter from off-camera. “No, you shouldn’t ignore it, I’m not done with it yet,” Andrea Kewell simply dismissed the instructions.

“No, that’s not possible,” she shook her head, laughing before continuing to let her guest, who looked a little confused, show her the spiders. “We’ll do a second shot,” she decided without further ado, and immediately placed one of the spiders on her hand. At some point, Kiwi had to give the other guests airtime.

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