America's Cup.  New Zealand team justifies the move to Barcelona with a lack

America’s Cup. New Zealand team justifies the move to Barcelona with a lack

It is a break in the latest waves tradition. Defending champions New Zealand, on Wednesday, justified its decision to organize the next America’s Cup in Spain, saying that the franchise would lack the means to defend its chances if the event was organized again in Auckland.

The host city of Barcelona

The next day for Barcelona appointed to host the 2024 editionTeam New Zealand (TNZ) chief Grant Dalton defended the choice to Radio New Zealand. “If we thought for a moment that we could be competitive, with a realistic chance of winning the cup in New Zealand, that’s where we’d be.”did he say.

New Zealand has stressed the importance of public funds and investment in the city’s infrastructure ahead of the 2021 regatta and has pressured Grant Dalton to keep the 37th edition in Auckland.

But Dalton felt that the New Zealand government’s offer to keep competition in the city was largely insufficient to retain the staff needed to design and engineer the boat.

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The decision was a major disappointment in New Zealand, where a wave of nationalism has accompanied recent campaigns by privately owned TNZ. “What would New Zealanders think of an organization that lay down and got run over by a truck, delivering the America’s Cup they worked so hard for?”Mr. Dalton explained on Wednesday.

“I can assure you that if we lose it in New Zealand, it will be gone for good, and so is the team.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has previously expressed her desire for the event site to remain in place, but has admitted that These decisions do not depend on us alone..

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Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has stressed that all 2021 contenders are against moving abroad “But not the New Zealand team, which is not without sarcasm.”.

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