America's Cup is a great scenario to stay in New Zealand!  Kyria Warren invents the economic plan - OA Sport

America’s Cup is a great scenario to stay in New Zealand! Kyria Warren invents the economic plan – OA Sport

The next America’s Cup should be held away from New Zealand. It seemed certain until a few days ago, after Team New Zealand officially rejected the national government’s economic offer, but In the past few hours, a new exciting scenario has emerged that opens a small window for the possibility of organizing in Auckland The oldest sports competition in the world.

Kyria Warren, founder of Luxury LAS (a luxury tour operator), actually announced that he was in contact with the New Zealander and had a business idea in mind: Special funding to maintain the America’s Cup in the Hauraki Bay. It’s just a hypothesis, but it’s a suggestion the newspaper highlighted NZ HeraldShe appears to have a certain following and several companies have said they are willing to donate a portion of the proceeds they will make during the event to Team New Zealand.

Warren explained:I realize how difficult this challenge is: it is one of the richest sports in the world, and it will take many companies to join in and make a difference. I’m proactive and for me it’s not over yet: After lockdown, I know what the America’s Cup for tourism could be. If we all stop thinking only about our garden and start thinking big, we can really keep the America’s Cup in New Zealand.“.

The founder of LAS Luxury is concerned about the national economy, about accommodation facilities, taxi drivers, and what businesses will gain thanks to the event: “During the last cup I had 20 boats in the water to follow the action, and I offered my clients luxury accommodation options, private jets and helicoptersA possible economic plan has already been identified: About 100 million New Zealand dollars (about 60 million euros) in advance of the New Zealand team, coming from large commercial sponsors (but it’s the same number suggested by the government…), Then other companies that will pay their own contribution during the event for another NZ$100 million. So the amount is close to the amount that Grant Dalton’s partnership wants.

Will this difficult process continue, or will the America’s Cup really go abroad as seems more reasonable? The owners of The Old Pitcher remain in talks with other countries: Isle of Wight is the most suggestive hypothesis, money from the Middle East is tempting, interest is also in China and Singapore, Valencia hopes thanks to European restaurant money, and Irish Cork has officially shown interest. The location and dates of the next edition will be officially announced by September 17th.

Photo: La Presse

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