America's Cup, Cork is the first venue hosted by the Irish

America’s Cup, Cork is the first venue hosted by the Irish

In New Zealand, they say, “Oracle also took the time to choose which site would host the Cup.” So, there is no need to rush. In fact, the process that – except for second thoughts – could drive the 37th America’s Cup to be held outside New Zealand, with Team New Zealand as the defender, is underway and comes to life.

There is excitement in Ireland, where according to the Irish Times Cork, the country’s second most populous city will be a landmark in the south of the country, at the top of the shortlist for sites to host the competition in 2024. The site is that according to Foreign Minister Simon Coveney – Daily reports – at first they could have been 35, then they were reduced to 12-14 and now they will be less (speaking of the shortlist). There was also talk of Valencia, although the mayor later indicated that the city was still paying off its debt for the 2017 Copa America, but that could also be tactical. It has also been said about Italy, but we are always in the rumours.

But what seems certain is that the American Magic, the team led by Terry Hutchinson in Auckland, who came out poorly from the Prada Cup after an impressive coup, have backed the New York Yachting Club, which gave them direction, and are looking for a new club to challenge it. So much so that the hypothesis of an alliance with Stars & Stripes, the West Coast league that tried – unsuccessfully – to participate in the Prada Cup in Auckland, was exposed.

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