Amazon pays a record: Lord of the Rings costs € 388 million for just one season!  – TV

Amazon pays a record: Lord of the Rings costs € 388 million for just one season! – TV

We hope the coal will not burn in the Mount Dome fires!

The largest company in the world pays the largest amount spent on a series of series: Amazon Studios spends 465 million US dollars (388 million euros) in just one season of the new “Lord of the Rings” series!

This record amount was announced by New Zealand Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Stuart Nash (35). He told the news portal “RNZ“What I can say is that Amazon is about 650 million (New Zealand, Dr. R.) Dollars will be spent. “

Nash continues, “This is cool, it really is … This will be the greatest TV series ever.”

For comparison: The average cost of “Game of Thrones” is around US $ 100 million (€ 84 million) per season.

Amazon appears to be planning to shoot five more seasons in New Zealand. In addition, an yet to be released episodic series will be pursued.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the insane sum of € 388 million per season can also be explained by the fact that a whole set must be rebuilt in New Zealand. This also includes the props and costumes that the actors will likely wear in the following seasons. Then costs can go down.

Will the series break a billion?

Amazon acquired the beloved franchise rights to JRR Tolkien (81) in Middle Earth in 2017. Until then, it was estimated that the series with all of the pieces – rights, production and marketing for several seasons – could fetch US $ 1 billion.

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The movie is currently being shot in New Zealand. But the first broadcast should follow later this year.

This is what the series is about:

The series is set in the second era of Middle-Earth history, thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The official description reads: The series “takes viewers to an era when great powers were formed, kingdoms rose to fame and fell into ruin, unlikely heroes were tested, hope hung by a thread, and the greatest villain ever created. Tolkien’s pen threatened to hide the whole world in the darkness. “.

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