'All eggs', for New Zealand football, has become an embarrassing nickname

‘All eggs’, for New Zealand football, has become an embarrassing nickname

Do you remember them against Italy? Now a cultural project wants to eliminate “any reference that conflicts with the inclusiveness of the national team”. However, the white uniform honors rugby and its fights. So there are those who wonder, “Are they also going to abolish all blacks?”

A matter of color, nothing more, nothing less. The rumor has been around for years, these days the New Zealand Football Association has concretely acknowledged the possibility: “Abandon any formal reference to the nickname all eggs? It is still too early to say,” explains Andrew Bragnell, CEO of the national team. “But that is An important aspect of our project to become the most comprehensive sport in all of Aotearoa‘, New Zealand in the Maori language. So, to avoid misunderstanding and awakening regurgitation, farewell to the whites. However, in domestic football, he has never had to deal with ideologies of supremacy or remnants of British colonialism.

The title goes back to the time of Spain in 1982When New Zealand hit their first World Cup qualifier. Playing in an all-black outfit – indeed a proverbial symbol for all black Football – It could have caused confusion with what was then the prerogative of the rulers. So during the qualifying matches the team chose the “negative” uniform. The media and fans started cheering for all the whites. And the size of the event did the rest, sealing the title. Even today.

says ok Vaughan CoveneyThe national team’s all-time top scorer:Now will all blacks change, too?“.The irony reveals a short circuit for the urine. Core. which strips, blots and erases it from history: While football has found this elegant solution to honor the national sport, it was New Zealand’s rugby that ignited the protests against Springbox, South Africans from apartheid on tour in Wellington in 1981. And with the oval ball there was always an understanding, never a binary: over the years, thanks to the uniformed match officials, the footballers’ second jersey finally became everything. black.

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However, facts and logic are not enough to calm people down. Because as Bragnell explained, caustic rhetoric more than one’s whim is due to “continuous dialogue with stakeholders and people outside of football, who want to ensure The New Zealand national team image fits the 2021 standardsAnother surname remains, if animal rights permit: Kiwi, in honor of the country’s animal symbol. But even now in the sports field it is said in a low voice and with a little embarrassment: Have you ever seen a bird less terrifying and dynamic? Trustworthy. It is beautiful and true.

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