Alignment of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn visible to the naked eye in the sky on Sunday morning

Alignment of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn visible to the naked eye in the sky on Sunday morning

A rare alignment of planets can be observed on Sunday in the northern hemisphere. A heavenly taste ahead of a bigger show expected in June.

A rare phenomenon for amateur astronomy. This Sunday, it will be possible to observe the alignment of Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the sky. An unusual image that will be visible in the early morning, before sunrise, in the northern hemisphere. according to FuturaSciencesThe best time is between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM.

It should be noted that this alignment, while amazing, is only a visible perspective from Earth, and that the planets would not really be aligned. The phenomenon will not require binoculars or a telescope, as it should be visible to the naked eye. The good weather expected in France this weekend will make the observation conditions ideal for star fans.

according to European Space Agency (European Space Agency), you’d have to look west to see the planets. And for those who couldn’t get up to notice the phenomenon: Don’t worry. In fact, it will be visible again on Saturday, April 23, in addition to the moon, which will be positioned in the same axis of the four planets.

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But the real event on the show will take place on June 24th. Thus, all the planets of the solar system – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus – will again align according to the Earth’s perspective. A rarer phenomenon, but it will be difficult to notice. First, this time it will be necessary to equip with binoculars or a telescope. In addition, for photographers who want to immortalize the scene, this alignment will take place in a large part of the sky, which will make it very difficult to take pictures.

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The alignment of the planets that can be seen from Earth is not uncommon, hence the importance of not missing these upcoming appointments. Thus, since 2005, this phenomenon has occurred only three times.

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