Akimbo’s guns are wacky and brutal, but great fun • What a movie

Akimbo’s guns are wacky and brutal, but great fun • What a movie

Sky Show showed us a New Zealand action comedy for a few days Akimbo guns. In it lies Harry Potter– Actor Daniel Radcliffe with a brutal organization forced into an uphill game. As a huge Radcliffe fan, it was clear to me that I had to watch this movie. It has a lot to offer, but is it also a recommendation on my part?

Spoilerwarnung: This article contains two minor movie spoilers

The viral killing has begun

Miles is a video game programmer. What seemed interesting, turned out to be a boring job. Because the computer genius is currently only involved in developing a mobile game, he has been dismayed by his superiors and colleagues alike. In his private life, too, things are far from perfect for Miles. Since his girlfriend Nova split from him, he’s been walking around the house playing video games and getting drunk. During this alcohol frenzy, he also loves to chase down netizens who misbehave as an alleged Troll Hunter. Finally, his computer skills and alcohol related naivety made Miles familiar with the internet phenomenon of “Sketchm”. Sketchm is an illegal organization that broadcasts live real fights for different people, thus giving thousands of people all over the world the opportunity to pursue killing and dying.

Rector the head behind “Sketchum” | Photo: Leonine / Madman Entertainment / Altitude Film Distribution

The programmer becomes a killer

Miles, a sugar fanatic troll hunter, quickly messes with the Sketchm community. In the past, it would have been better for him not to. Because just a few hours later, two criminals, including “Sketchm” boss Riktor, kicked the door of his apartment. When Miles woke up the next morning, he was shocked to find two pistols clenched in his hands. A message confirming his first suspicions: He is now a Sketchum player. But Miles isn’t brave or fortified in battle, and the first few minutes with guns in hand aren’t encouraging at all. Additionally, the cold-blooded and experienced killer Nix is ​​chosen as his opponent. The most difficult and dangerous hours of his life are now beginning to appear for Miles.

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The killer must kill Nicks within 24 hours. Since he is totally immersed in this mission alone, he seeks help from his ex-girlfriend Nova. The scene of her ex-boyfriend, using Kidd’s Pistols, makes them run away and she is also a target of Rector’s dark plans. At the same time, a special police unit is trying to arrest “Sketchum” and those behind her. But things don’t go smoothly in this unit either, and some police officers seem to be more supportive of cybercrime than on the law side. Would Miles save his life, as a feared programmer and pistols instead of hands?

Daniel Radcliffe in Guns Akimbo
This was not what Miles imagined his day Photo: Leonine / Madman Entertainment / Altitude Film Distribution

Guns Instead of Hands – Action rather than Story

Conspiracy Akimbo guns It is crazy as it sounds. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely new or particularly innovative – aside from Miles’ pistol hands. Already many films, including crankAnd nerve or The competition, They tell stories in a similar fashion. Still progress Akimbo guns Also many innovations in this established setup and also incredibly visual results. Since the story is ridiculous, it is complemented by completely colorful elements. Costumes and settings are also appropriate, if too overdone. But the makers Akimbo guns Finally, we wrote on the flag. Ultimately, the procedure, which is not neglected in this flick, is overrated.

After the short fun preliminary stage, you wait Akimbo guns With loads of shooting and fighting sequences. Although this is not realistic, it is still very fun. Such exaggerated action is particularly familiar from movies like The Fast and the FuriousA series that doesn’t want to entertain the viewer with a well-thought-out story. This story is also coming Akimbo guns Very short, but in my opinion it still has a lot of potential to offer. The heroes and their backstories are introduced, but in the end it all boils down to a true fiery game of gunfire and violence. After all, the ending theoretically offers an opportunity to start the second part.

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Samara weaves into Akimbo rifles
Nothing stalks programmed Miles | Photo: Leonine / Madman Entertainment / Altitude Film Distribution

The cast can also be proud of their performance. Harry Potter– Actor Daniel Radcliffe plays anxious programmer Miles. Despite the strange story, he manages this photography very well. I’m a big fan of Radcliffe because he’s just not into Harry Potter– String that demonstrates his skills over and over again. Knicks his opponent from Samara Textile I played from Australia. It was in the past Babysitter: The Fatal Queen To see can now also Akimbo guns Contributes to convincing performance as a cold-blooded killer. Irish actor Ned Dinhey plays the villainous Rector and he, along with grudge and lust for murder, gives this character a great deal of black humor.

Akimbo guns It is just fun

New Zealand action comedy is neither particularly deep nor innovative. Nevertheless, she enjoyed me very well. The action scenes are huge, the dialogues are entertaining, and soaked in constant black humor. Filming scenes of violence and disease guarantees this Akimbo guns But it is not suitable for a younger audience. For older action-comedy fans, this movie is definitely worth considering. Can offline Akimbo guns Stream on Sky Show.

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