Air New Zealand offers an economy sleeping cabin

Air New Zealand offers an economy sleeping cabin

Air New Zealand will offer five classes of travel on long-haul routes in the future. These include the world’s first cabins to sleep economy class passengers. Among other things, the carrier makes it clear that it wants to provide every passenger with the “best sleep”.

Air New Zealand’s new Dreamliners, scheduled for launch in 2024, will offer customers more options than any other airline in the world, ensuring the best night’s sleep in the sky, no matter what cabin customers are flying in. This includes the new Business Premier Luxe seat for customers who want more space and privacy, and Skynest, the world’s first sleeper cabin for economy travelers. Feedback from comprehensive customer surveys over five years has shown the importance of a good night’s sleep and a desire for more space and comfort.

“The New Zealand location puts us in a unique position to be a leader in ultra-long-distance travel. We have focused on sleep, rest and wellness because we know how important it is for our customers to have a good rest. Whether they are traveling straight to a meeting or to their first vacation destination, they want to move forward. We wanted To offer our budget customers the option to relax, and that’s how Skynest was born.’It will fundamentally change the experience of traveling in Economy Class,’ said CEO Greg Foran.

New transport categories at a glance

Business Premier Luxe

“The best sleep under heaven. Our new offer is aimed at customers who are looking for the utmost in privacy and space. A luxurious experience with all the hallmarks of a business class but with a fully closed door and room for two to dine.

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business head

“A comfortable and private nest for a happy flight and a peaceful sleep. And if you are traveling with a companion, you can open your nest in the middle row and share your experiences,” the company explains.

Business Class IFES (Photo: Air New Zealand).

Featured Economy

“For those who want to pamper themselves with a little luxury to relax and enjoy the taste of Aotearoa. Our new seat provides more privacy and a protected space where you can sit back and relax without disturbing those sitting next to you,” says Air New Zealand.

Skynest . economics

“It’s time to replace the headrest with a bed. Say hello to the world’s first sleeper cabin in the sky, Skynest. For part of your journey, settle into one of the six sleeper cabins and get some sleep. A first for economy travelers,” explains Air New Zealand.

Skycouch economics

“Use the Skycouch as you wish. Sit, unfold or lie down and sleep. Share the space or keep it all to yourself,” says Air New Zealand.

Sky sofa (Photo: Air New Zealand).

span economy

“The name says it all. This seat is for those who want comfort and stretch their legs more than the average economy seat,” the company explains.

Economy Extension (Photo: Air New Zealand).

Economy seat

“An upgraded economy seat with more storage, comfort and space and a 50 percent larger screen for entertainment. Establish a Bluetooth audio connection and pair your device to use as a remote control or second screen,” writes Air New Zealand.

Economy Class (photo: Air New Zealand).

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