After the explosions in central Iran, Israel has kept a low profile

After the explosions in central Iran, Israel has kept a low profile

Iranian soldiers guard damaged nuclear facilities in the Isfahan region that came under a drone attack overnight from Thursday to Friday.

The Israeli government refused to confirm the attack on an air base near Isfahan, in response to 350 Iranian missile and drone attacks on Saturday, in an attempt to avoid military escalation.

Tel Aviv

Silence prevailed among the ranks of Israeli ministers and senior officers. None of them officially confirmed the attack on an Iranian air base in Isfahan. To circumvent censorship, newspapers, radio stations and television channels adopted the usual tactic of relaying information published in the American media. This concern about discretion is part of the communication strategy, and above all it is a concern not to provoke a military escalation that the United States and the Europeans want to avoid at all costs.

The attack attributed to Israel was limited so that the Iranian regime would not be forced to respond and attack Israel again.“, explains Ron Ben Yishai, a military commentator at Ynet, Israel's most important news site. To achieve this goal, Israel targeted a base that was to be used to launch some of Iran's 350 missiles and drones toward Israeli territory on Saturday.

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