After five months of silence, communications between NASA and Voyager 1 have resumed!

After five months of silence, communications between NASA and Voyager 1 have resumed!

It was announced on the evening of Monday, April 22: Messages from Voyager 1 have finally arrived at the US space agency!

Reassuring news

Only meaningless codes have reached NASA in the past five months. Voyager 1, a space probe launched 46 years ago, is the farthest object ever sent from Earth. It is currently 24 billion kilometers away from us. It's been a long time since you left our solar system.

Engineers have intensified their efforts in recent months to find a solution. They feared a major failure on board.

Voyager 1 problem

Due to NASA, the system has been proven to be of the kind that the ordinateurs of the board called the Sous-Download System (FDS) does not have a mission to meet the needs of scientific donns and techniques before the transmission. the earth. The solution to move the necessary code has finally paid off.

Although the probe's messages are no longer perceptible, the orders sent to it by the American space agency are still being received and implemented. This flight takes about 45 hours round-trip between our planet and Voyager 1.

and what?

This innovative solution will be reused in the future for news from Voyager 1 as well as scientific data. The engineers realized that it was possible for them to isolate the faulty component to continue operating the rest of the system.

Focus on the investigative task

Voyager 1 and its twin Voyager 2 are the only terrestrial objects ever sent into space.Interstellar space. On board the ship there are recordings of the sounds and images of the Earth on gold and copper plates, a letter written by the American scientist Carl Sagan.

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Since its launch, the two probes' journey has given scientists a glimpse of what space outside the sun looks like. Their mission is therefore of great importance because they expand knowledge of a previously unexplored area.

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