Actress Eva Sixt to receive the 2021 Regensburg Cultural Prize

Actress Eva Sixt to receive the 2021 Regensburg Cultural Prize

Actress, singer, dramaturg and playwright Eva Sixt receives the Regensburg Culture Prize, which has awarded her €10,000 for her life’s work. As the city announced on Tuesday, Sixt will receive the city’s award for her artwork and many years of significant work.

As an actress on stage, Sixt was thrilled to star in Joseph Berlinger’s “My Fair Lady” in over 300 performances at the Regensburg Tower Theatre. She also embodied roles as Maria in “Der Brandner Kasper in der Hölle” and “Sissi” and Bavarian writer Emerenz Meier. Sixt can also be seen in a variety of roles in films, documentaries, and series.

Awards Ceremony on September 14th

Her commitment as a speaker in several audiobooks and as a singer has also received special recognition. “Eva Six is ​​distinguished by its versatility, adaptability, multidisciplinary and multi-species work, and professionalism in all genres,” the city said. Awards Ceremony on September 14th.

two sponsorship awards

The 2021 Cultural Promotion Awards, each awarded €2,500, go this year to the International Short Film Week Regensburg for her artistic work and commitment to film as well as to Simon Elliott in choreography and Theresa. Rachel in the field of literature, poetry and cabaret.

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