Actress and director in space to shoot the first movie in orbit

Actress and director in space to shoot the first movie in orbit

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A Russian actress and director takes off from Baikonur on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 in the morning to shoot the first feature film in history in orbit aboard the International Space Station.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Anisa Al Jabri

Russia will score a point in Tuesday’s space competition and beat NASA’s pawn. Petrol blue jumpsuit, knees tucked under the chin, Yulia Peresild, 37, doing quick laps on her weightless self in a small box. Since June 1, the Russian movie star has posted videos of her preparations in Baikonur for her next film, which will be shot in space, on her Instagram account.

« My first thought when I was shown this movie was:Is this really possible? But if it is possible, I really want to do it!says the actress. Do I have a superhero certificate? ? No. I’m just an ordinary woman She completes.

This patriotic-tone film number prepares to embody precisely an ordinary doctor, who urgently departs to save the life of an astronaut in distress in a feature film titled Tentative Vesuvius (Challenge or Appeal, in Russian). She will not be alone, because in addition to the commander of the mission Anton Chkaplerov, the manager who has trained a lot will also fly.

Twelve days for filming

« We’ve tried to learn everything in four months, and in fact, it’s pretty fast with all that can be done. There was a lot of theory and practice, scuba diving and stations Details of Klim Chebenko, 38 years old. I think this is a fairly doable task. »

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Klim Chebenko and Yulia Peresild will have twelve days to shoot their movie International Space Station before returning to land. The exploitation and the script are said to have charmed the Russian president. They will be the first to shoot a feature film in orbit, and for Russia this is the most important.

The project, however, sparked controversy within the Russian scientific community. Sergei Krikalev, director of the Russian space agency’s manned flight program, was fired last summer for saying the money was better spent on space research and innovation. The film’s mission into orbit was announced in September, a few months after NASA revealed a film project with American actor Tom Cruise.

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