A touch of New Zealand hovers over Bergkamen

A touch of New Zealand hovers over Bergkamen

Mayor Roland Schäfer, Head of Economic Development Manfred Türk, Simon Kremer, Tourism Officer, and Economic Development Officer Walter Karger visited the New Zealand House with Sabrina Blazer from Onna. The family-run company has been managed by Barbara and Reinhard Kuhfuß in the business district “Am Schlagbaum” since 1996.

“The New Zealand House example shows the treasures of entrepreneurship that it sometimes calls home,” says Mayor Roland Schäfer. “We are particularly proud of this highly innovative company, which has evolved over the years into a specialist New Zealand product company,” Schäfer continued in his remarks.
“In particular, scientific studies conducted by TU Dresden on the effects of ingredients found in Manuka honey have led to a significant increase in sales in recent years,” say owners Barbara and Reinhard Kohfus. Over the past few years, the company’s sales have increased fivefold.
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Manuka flower, which gives honey its uniqueness.

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