A tip and a game to lower your energy bill

A tip and a game to lower your energy bill

Energy prices are rising. There are solutions to reduce bills. Theo Pringley, Information Energy Consultant, advocates the NegaWatt approach and its three pillars: sobriety, efficiency and renewable energies. It operates in the Info-Energy space, part of the FAIRE Network, a free and neutral public service that provides energy renewal advice.

Regarding the first point, sobriety, the Théo Pringly slides in all the environmental gestures, which are in keeping with common sense such as lowering the temperature of the radiators, unplugging devices in standby mode, selecting LEDs, etc.

Escape game based on ecological gestures

One way to encourage yourself is to participate in clicks Challenges, alone or in a team, to reduce your energy bill by discovering “other ways to consume, eat, get around or reduce waste”. https://www.facebook.com/lorrainenergiesrenouvelables/posts/4456658141077195

On November 10, as part of the Anti-Fuel Poverty Day, the Info-Energy . space presents UN Escape game , per session of 6 people for 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, on the topic of environmental gestures. “It’s fun and educational, we look for clues, we solve and we learn.”

From sobriety to efficiency

The advisor mentions the perceived temperature, for example when the ambient temperature drops by 1°C. The temperature varies with different walls, hence the importance of insulation.

Thus we are moving from sobriety to competence, which is the area most in demand for consultants. It concerns the entire working part: changing the heating system, insulation, possible financial assistance, etc. “We are neutral,” recalls Theo Pringley. We have no interest in going to one company or the other. “

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The third axis recommends a preference for renewable energies, and here again, support is given. Lorraine Renewable Energies, through the GECLER network, runs local initiatives such as solar energy projects such as village power stations.

Counselors at Toll, 37 Paul Keller Street, receive by appointment and also provide information by phone. They can be contacted at [email protected] and +33 3 83 64 98 04. They can also make home visits to provide more in-depth advice.

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