A thousand swamps, a hundred lakes and forests

A thousand swamps, a hundred lakes and forests

The Schorfheide region in northeastern Brandenburg is sparsely populated and hardly known by many people. The area offers many preferences: the largest contiguous forest area in Germany is located here. One part, the approximately 600-hectare Gromsen beech forest, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and therefore on par with the Serengeti or the Grand Canyon. Sea eagles, osprey, little spotted eagles, cranes and black storks breed in the natural forests. In addition to forests, the area features thousands of swamps and more than 200 lakes. In the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve there is not only the largest Demeter Farm in Germany, but also the largest adjacent area for organic farming in Germany.

With stunningly beautiful images and distinctive animal scenes, the film tells an amazing and positive story. It talks about how conservationists, foresters and farmers have worked together over the past 30 years to restore biodiversity and make the Schorfheide area a model area in terms of nature conservation for the whole of Germany. Bonus: The film’s music was scored by NDR Radiophilharmonie.

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