A terrible disease has struck Dragon's Dogma 2, and players have developed a secret way to warn others

A terrible disease has struck Dragon's Dogma 2, and players have developed a secret way to warn others

Game news A terrible disease has struck Dragon's Dogma 2, and players have developed a secret way to warn others

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If you've been playing Dragon's Dogma 2, you may have noticed a strange disease in the game that, if you're not careful, could have serious consequences for your game. Fortunately, players have come up with an innovative system to warn others.

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Dragon Plague, this terrible disease

Since its release a few days ago. Dragon's Doctrine II He convinced many players. It must be said that its art direction can easily attract the eye and its immersive experience and exhilarating gameplay are enough to retain any player. However, some people were soon surprised by A A terrible disease Which can affect your pawns in the game: Famous Dragon Plague.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to live this experience, Dragon Plague is a disease that any pawn can contract and its infection is particularly effective. If you let it invade without paying attention, the injured pawn will eventually fly into an uncontrollable rage All nearby characters will be eliminated. Important characters, scene characters, passing pawns, merchants, not a single soul will survive this catastrophe. Which may simply prevent you from progressing in the game. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid reaching this point. For more information on this topic, we refer you to Our dedicated guide to treating the Dragon Plague.

A poisonous gift for prevention and treatment

If you already have a Dragon Plague-infected pawn in your team, then you must have already noticed that the latter has provided some of its own symptoms It can be recognized before reaching the final stage of the disease. In fact, he can, for example, complain Strange painsIt becomes more difficult to lead or present yourself Bright, red eyes. The problem is that the injured pawn may belong to another player, so it becomes difficult to send it home in this case without warning its owner. And this is the place Players have begun to develop a system that seems very clever at first glance.

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When you collect your pawns sent to other players, you will definitely notice that you can receive them Gifts For their part. If they appreciate your pawn's help, you can sometimes get back some very good items. However, other times, you will receive Rotten fruits Or a Withered flower. Poisoned gift? Maybe but This may be a way to warn you that your pawn is suffering from the Dragon Plague. In fact, on steam, Reddit Even on Twitter, more and more players started agreeing to send this kind of disgusting-looking gift to warn the pawn owner that the latter is sick.

A terrible disease has struck Dragon's Dogma 2, and players have developed a secret way to warn others

Unfortunately, although this advice may seem very smart at first glance, we must not forget that it has some drawbacks. First, it is assumed that most players are friendly and generally send good gifts, while it is quite common to receive wilted flowers and rotten fruits simply because the player wants to get rid of them. secondly, It has not yet been proven that a pawn infected with the Dragon Plague retains the disease when it returns to its homeworld. So it's possible that this trick, in addition to being a little shaky, is completely useless. After all, the next time you receive spoiled fruit or a wilted flower, consider that perhaps the gift comes from a good feeling before internally insulting the sender.

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