A strange disappearance concerns family and justice

A strange disappearance concerns family and justice

A poster and advertisement have been circulating everywhere on social media since Monday morning. This method is rare because the time between reporting a disappearance and announcing it is very short. In all likelihood, this case will be linked to the case of the young man who was found slaughtered on Viard Beach on Sunday

Justice does not want to say anything about it, and for good reason. It seems more serious, and we do not yet know everything that may be discovered in the coming days.

Publicizing the announcement of this disappearance is a personal initiative by the family of the missing young woman. The first items collected here and there reveal that she was close to the young man who was found with his throat cut on the beach of Viard in Petit Bourg. But no further information has yet been received explaining the reasons for his disappearance.

His relatives’ decision to unilaterally issue a wanted warrant without waiting for a permit from law enforcement, as is customary, reflects the family’s concern about what could happen to him.

Questions that may concern the Public Prosecution. Carolyn Culpo declines to comment on the matter.

So we’ll have to wait, and see if the search notice that went out Monday morning allows us to find her.

The entire ad

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