A parrot steals a camera and takes a picture of itself with it (video)

A parrot steals a camera and takes a picture of itself with it (video)

You don’t usually see this type of video or very rarely. A species endemic to New Zealand, the kea is known to be very curious, playful and above all cheeky.

This relatively large mountain parrot is recognizable by its greenish plumage and gray beak. In January of this year, one of these birds stole the camera of a tourist who was exploring the area.

Parrot fly away with Go Pro

Alex Verhol was out with her family in Fiordland National Park on the South Island. Her GoPro camera was stolen from her by kea, then she flew away with her prey.

When Alex Verhol was interviewed at a show, she said she and her family were watching the parrots from their cabin balcony when her son put the camera on the fence. Within seconds, a keas appeared, grabbed the camera by its beak and moved away from it with a few wing strokes.

They thought they would never see the camera again

The bird, whose camera must have missed the food, lands in a nest after a few seconds of flight. Disturbed by the sounds of other birds, the family approached the nest and eventually found the camera the bird had left behind, only to find it painfully inedible. Alex Verheul says:

My son decided to go to the rocks as it looked like a bird might land there and there was still a visualization.

The video, which has since received great coverage in the New Zealand media, put this animal, little known to the general public, in the spotlight. In 2016, Keas was photographed pushing construction cones.

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