A Palworld player discovers an “unused” secret room.

A Palworld player discovers an “unused” secret room.

Estelle Vernet

A Palworld player shared his discovery of a huge, hidden, secret room that can only be accessed by passing his character through an obstacle.

It's been a little over a month since Palworld launched, and it seems like players are still discovering new things every day, even though the game is in Early Access.

For example, one player found an ominous detail in the sky, leading to wild theories about the game, and some players were also baffled that interacting with a friend they didn't know was possible is considered “dark.”

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Either way, the discoveries don't seem to stop.

Player discovers a secret room unused » Hidden underground

This site was shared on Reddit by PUMPQ. We see the player entering a rocky hill by sliding his character through a wall. Inside, we discover a small path that leads to a huge underground secret room.

In the comments, Palworld players were convinced that this secret room was intended for an NPC but was abandoned by the developers. Conversely, others thought it could be the site of a future president.

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Upon seeing this discovery, some claimed it would be an excellent location for the base. Other players have even confirmed that it is indeed possible to build there. Actually the player notqp I managed to build a base there, as shown below.

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One Palworld fan wrote: “ Everyone is talking about building their base there. I'll be building a giant farm and fields and hopefully I can put stone/wooden generators there, provided the paths can accommodate big guys “.

Well, now I know where I'm going to build my PvP base “, another stated.

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One user explained, ” Great place to hide »If the game gets Ark-style servers. But since this location has now been revealed, it may not be so secret anymore.

Who knows if more places like this will be added in the future. In the meantime, players can expect plenty of features and updates, as highlighted in the Palworld roadmap.

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