A major update to the live-action Bloodborne movie

The upcoming Bloodborne live-action movie is said to be still in early development, and our insider has a big update to share regarding its director.

Bloodborne has to be one of FromSoftware's best games to date, and it's absolutely criminal that it isn't available to more players. Considered one of the most successful PlayStation exclusive games, Sony has been surprisingly neglectful in making it available on other platforms or updating it to work better on next-gen consoles.

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A recent interview with FromSoftware's Hideo Miyazaki suggests that the developer would like to create a remaster or remake of the game, as well as make it available on PC, but unfortunately nothing can be done without Sony's approval. It was recently shared that a remake was in the works at one point, but it was cancelled, which broke all of our hearts.

Fans hoping for more Bloodborne content in the future can, for now, only look to the live-action movie that's supposedly in development. Insider DanielRPK initially broke the news about the film, and has since shared another update on the project's progress.

According to new reports, a director or cast has yet to be chosen as of writing, but Sony is reportedly eyeing Adam Wingard to direct the film. Adam Wingard is credited in horror films like Blair Witch, and more recently the monster movie Godzilla Vs Kong and its upcoming sequel, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Sony is also reported to be interested in casting Bill Skarsgård in the lead role, which is a great choice considering he has starred in several horror films in recent years and delivered a great performance.

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Of course, all of this is subject to change, and there is still no official confirmation that the film will actually be released.

However, if Sony is serious about making a Bloodborne movie, this would be a great opportunity to build excitement with a remaster or remake of the game for PlayStation and PC platforms.

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