A New Zealand institute is offering resilience training to businesses ahead of the holiday period

A New Zealand institute is offering resilience training to businesses ahead of the holiday period

Many New Zealanders would appreciate some 'flexibility training' to get around the demands of their normal working week.

But as we approach the holiday season, some workers are being offered training to help them get through the Christmas/New Year holidays.

More than 35 companies have signed up for the Resilience Institute's Holiday Resilience Training program. It includes a webinar on Wednesday.

The company recommends a number of tools and practices to help people make the most of their vacation, and break some of the habits that weren't supporting their resilience.

Bradley Hook, the institute's global partner, said the training included a series of breathing, sleeping and writing practices aimed at helping workers “recover, relax and recharge”.

“We recommend creating rhythms where you implement small breaks throughout the day during your time off so you can create that space to recover and relax…just like a professional athlete would,” Hook said.

“We find that people go on vacation and have developed a number of habits throughout the year that are not necessarily productive.”

Hock — described in his online company bio as a “dedicated flexibility practitioner” — said one of the worst habits to form during the work year is off-hours employees constantly checking their phones — including emails — even late in the day. the night.

An email has been sent to Announce He said the flexibility session would explore “rest preparation” and “the importance of rhythm.”

The Resilience Institute of New Zealand was established in 2002.

It states that its mission “is to provide high-impact, practical, evidence-based, integrative resilience training by combining modern preventive medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuroscience.”

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Major New Zealand organizations they have worked with include High-Performance Sport NZ, New Zealand Rugby, KPMG, Tourism NZ and Top 10, as well as global companies such as Shell, PWC, Nestlé and the World Bank.

Earlier this year, it released a Global Resilience Report that tracked 23,990 people during the COVID-19 pandemic and identified five practices that “truly support the most resilient people.”

“The key factors are sleep, achievement, rebound, relaxation, and focus,” Hook said.

“One of the most important things is to prioritize sleep, and we're exploring in depth what good night's sleep looks like in terms of timing, rhythm and exposure to blue light, especially during the last two hours before bed.”

The Resilience Institute is now present in Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Southeast Asia, Australia and South Africa.

Last year, the company moved its headquarters from Auckland to Lausanne, Switzerland, to support rapid growth in Europe and North America.

How to get 'holiday flexibility'

Relax, recover and rejuvenate

Connect with your loved ones

Celebrate and be kind to yourself

Choose a small habit to practice before your break begins

Take the time to feel what your body needs

Feelings and emotions inventory

Notice the habits of mind

And think; What went well this year? What was something that was difficult but successful? What was difficult or frustrating?

Tips: Resilience Institute

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