A new youth space to welcome teenagers

A new youth space to welcome teenagers

After months of preparation and with the summer school holiday approaching, the new Espace Jeunes d’Argelès-Gazost, managed by the Fédération des Foyers Ruraux 31/65, is ready to welcome young teenagers from July 7 from the 11-year-old municipality. Until 17. A new room was provided by the city at Salle Jean Bourdette, still under construction but supposed to be completed in early July. This project came to light thanks to the important groundwork on the youth of the Valle de Gaves, carried out during the confinement by the Federation of Country Houses 31/65, in close cooperation with foundations and partners. A business based on the employment of a professional animator in each position, strong cohesion and joint activities. The creation of shuttle buses between the three centers (Pierrefitte-Argeles-Cauterets) will make it possible to solve the problem of mobility and should promote diversity and exchanges between young people, and thus the richness of projects. Samantha Labbé, new leader of Espace Jeunes d’Argelès-Gazost, Coach, has experience supporting diverse and diverse challenging audiences.

Since taking office in the spring, she has worked on the summer program, with the main objective of involving young people in project development and implementation.

In July, the projects will focus on discovering the city of Argelès-Gazost: the Tyre project, the Small Pavement project, but also the exchange with other youth spaces around sports, board games and accommodation in Anglet.

In August, there will be crafts and creative activities on the theme of pop culture: creating comics, games, cinema, luxury fashion evenings, but also pool sessions every Monday. An extensive and varied program to discover!

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To register, contact Youth Adviser Samantha Labbé at 07 49 57 03 77 or by email at [email protected] at the Farfadets Center on Wednesdays from 8am to 10am and Saturdays from 9am to 12am . . €30 membership and registration for daily activities or on demand. Please note: places are limited!

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