A new Lord of the Rings game is in the works – from the creators

A new Lord of the Rings game is in the works – from the creators

Middle-earth has always been a welcome playground for game developers. The new Lord of the Rings game has just been announced.

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Without New Zealand’s Weta Workshop, the Lord of the Rings movies might not have been anywhere near the classics they are considered today. The company dealt with prosthetics, creatures, and miniatures, as well as weapons and armor. The staff studied the development of different peoples so that they could show realistic tools of a fictional world in the final film.

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Accordingly, one can speak of Lord of the Rings connoisseurs here – and now they are developing a video game with a Middle-earth setting! This was announced by publisher Private Division, which published, among other things, “OlliOlli World” this year.

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on your website Weta Workshop is said to have the largest creative license by ceding the rights to do a game in Middle-earth. Amie Wolken, Head of Interactive at Weta, promises the new experience: “It’s a privilege to create a new game set in Middle-earth, especially one that’s so different from what fans could have played before. As fans, we’re really excited that players will be able to explore Middle-earth in a way they never have. Unprecedented and may show the magic of The Lord of the Rings to new fans.”

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It has not yet been announced exactly what this game is intended for and what kind of game it will be. But fans of Middle-earth will definitely have a lot to do in the near future: in addition to the series on Amazon Prime, the game “Gollum” from German developers from Daedelic Entertainment will also be released.

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