Un nouveau devoir d

A new ASM requirement, traveling to the Stade Français, this Sunday

Five games to see… Five more games to come as “we’ll get to work,” said the New Zealand coach of ASM this week. I’m not sure Juno Gibbs wanted to use that expression but we understood that perhaps behind the difficulty of Molière’s language that he hasn’t handled well yet, the coach now expects something else from his players.

Faced with the Red Lantern, ASM Claremont does not want to return empty-handed from Paris

And it starts on Sunday, in Paris, where the Clermontois team is expected, of course, to be in a state of mind, but especially on increasing accuracy in several areas of the game. “After five games, it’s time to change the mentality, to be stricter in what we promise. Be a little more serious. I expect this from the next five games.” (Editor’s note: trips to Paris and Montpellier, reception in Pau, trip to Bordeaux and reception in Toulon), knowing that every meeting will count,” Gibbs explained this week.

ASM: Matsushima package for a trip to the Stade Français, first for Annandale

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With the clause as a motto, Clermont is therefore expected in the evening in Jean Bowen, as we shouldn’t rush into this sixth day finale that could hurt the Paris chiefs more than Clermont.

“Eighty minutes in the field is the job.”

Juno Gibbs (ASM coach)

And when we asked him how that week of preparing for the trip to D.C., after a success that was necessarily good for confidence against Racing, came up with Juno Gibbs first remembering the basic. “The behavior of the players, after Castres, after La Rochelle, after Toulouse … has remained fairly consistent in desire, energy and drive to advance. But the 80 minutes on the pitch is what counts. And the win will be the result of real performance, with a serious mindset and demanding preparations for this match.”

excellent Kotaro Matsushima wants to stay in ASM to prove it

Of course, all Claremont employees dream of complete consistency in the performance of their players. Except for that at the moment they are somewhat related to the alternative, as we saw again against Racing with one half in slalom and one in zag.

By evoking the main interest that will be a hit on Sunday in Paris, Gibbs does not fail to evoke the various scenarios. “If we put this team under pressure from the start, there could be an opportunity (Editor’s note: Take it). If we wait like in the first 40 minutes against Racing, it will be very difficult and we will miss something.”

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A key to adapt, scrum to improve

In order not to suffer, not to stay with both feet in the same straps, Etoria and her teammates must first of all be conquistadors. Dominate a little more in the air, and also establish more control in the melee.

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In terms of lineups and the ten balls lost in recent games, Gibbs acknowledged the difficulties. “We are not making enough contacts. We are under a lot of pressure from our opponents in the crucial moments, when we are out of the camp, in penalty kicks. All of a sudden, there are balloons stolen and unclean ones.”

This Sunday evening, to push Paris a little more in its skepticism and blow the screws, Clermont may have the right keys on hand. As long as you don’t lose the keychain along the way.

Christophe Boron

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