A high school administration is retouching year-end album photos to hide necklines

A high school administration is retouching year-end album photos to hide necklines

Pictures of 80 young girls have been changed, as management wants the photo album to comply with the facility’s dress code.

“It gives our children the feeling that they have to hide their bodies, and ashamed of that, it is insulting to a lot of them.” Parents of high school students in Florida, USA, protested the administration’s decision to retouch photos of some young girls in their end-of-year album to cover their breasts further.

Roughly 80 students are affected, he says The New York Times. No photo of a boy has been edited, even those on the swim team who wear a swimsuit offend the mother.

Bartram Trail High School warns on its website that “Year-End Album photos must be compatible.” Code of Student Conduct From St. Johns County School District, or it can be changed digitally. ”A code of conduct that many parents consider outdated.

Riley O'Keefe is one of the girls whose photos have been edited
Riley O’Keefe is one of the girls whose photos are retouched © Bartram High School yearbook / New York Times

The dress code is outdated

This regulation prohibits in particular young girls from wearing shirts that do not fully cover the shoulders, and skirts and shorts that are more than 10 cm from the knee.

“They are all good students and we will ask ourselves if we see too many of their shoulders or not? It’s crazy,” one mother told The American Daily.

A meeting should be organized soon to demand that the institution’s dress down and order a new print without retouching the year-end album.

Melanie Rustagnat BFMTV Reporter

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