A giant beehive with more than 80,000 bees discovered in the bathroom

He was promptly called in to remove a beehive, and a star beekeeper from TikTok was able to spot a surprising sight. More than 80,000 insects live behind a shower in an inhabited house.

80,000 bees and 45 kilos of honey. That’s what Elisha Bexler, a beekeeper and social media star, discovered in a couple’s bathroom in Florida. In fact, Stephanie and Dan Graham called the young woman because of a strong buzz behind the shower.

For a long time, the couple learned to live with bees, since a former large hive was already removed from the wall. Stephanie Graham explained to The New York Times. But when it came time to renovate the bathroom, a decision had to be made to remove the beehive.

Bees can damage walls

It did not kill the bees. Elisha Bexler has already captured the Queen of the Hive, so as to put her in a box. In the process, all the bees join the queen and leave the hive behind. The honey collected during the intervention was used to feed the insects, and it was transported to an urban farm located in Saint Petersburg (Florida). However, the couple managed to recover a little.

Beekeeper collects honey from a beehive in the United States
A beekeeper collects honey from a beehive in the United States © Elisha Bixler – TikTok

This type of event is not trivial at home. Bees can damage walls, and honey can attract ants, according to Robert Page Jr., an entomology professor who interviewed The New York Times.

However, history has left its mark on the Florida family. Stephanie Graham, who used to talk to bugs in her home, told the New York Daily that she regrets not being able to say goodbye.

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