A Canadian website is looking for a candy connoisseur who will earn $100,000 a year

A Canadian website is looking for a candy connoisseur who will earn $100,000 a year

Candy Funhouse forgot a job ad for candy general manager. The ad has already received 100,000 responses, according to the company, which is giving itself a huge publicity stunt.

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Do sweets make you sick? Do not read more. Canada’s Candy Funhouse is officially looking for a candy taster, who will charge C$100,000 (€77,000) a year, Select the ad (in English). Please be careful before submitting your application. The person who will be chosen for the position “general manager of sweets” will have to swallow a measly 3,500 pieces of candy per month – more than a hundred per day.

“Beginning of last year, we were looking for Bonbonlogues, our tastes of original flavors”Store spokeswoman Vanessa Janakijewski-Rebelo told AFP. “We are now looking for our General Manager of Sweets, who will kindly guide candy lovers!” he is Will be responsible for approval of new products and regulation Sweets Board Meetings or to take on a role “connoisseur”. Not to mention the support “All things are fun” at work.

The offer is open to anyone living in North America who is five years old or older. Candy Funhouse said it has already received more than 100,000 applications in two weeks. “The majority are adults, but about 25% are children”Spokesperson details. For example, an American Twitter user, Matthew Crooks, explained that his 8-year-old daughter had applied and even created her LinkedIn profile for the occasion. “Thank you for helping her learn about the job and the importance of a strong resume, even though she’s only 8 years old.”

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Applicants, of course, must have “golden taste buds” And the “Passion for sweets”, defines the job offer. Once identified, the recruit will undergo “Intensive Taste Training” You will, of course, benefit from comprehensive dental insurance. After so many sweet notes, it would really be a shame to end up with a salty note.

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