5 reasons why EV Zug is ready to win the championship

5 reasons why EV Zug is ready to win the championship

The Zugers celebrate their first semi-final win against Rapperswil-Jonah Lakers. Photo: Cornerstone

Ismester Zag

5 reasons why EV Zug is ready to win the championship

Zug overcame the SCB shock, swept the Lakers and has everything to become a champion for the first time since 1998.

Ready for the movie. Yes, the correct name for “Zug Win” is appropriate for the movie. The qualifiers so far were like a Hollywood movie script about a hockey organization that wants, after more than 20 years, to be brilliant again. Title: «The making of a hero».

The starting point is the failure in the 2017 and 2019 Finals by SC Bern. Looking back helps us find an answer to the question whether it will be enough for the first tournament since 1998.

The people of Zug have enough talent for the championship. But becoming a master is also a matter of mind. The start of Zug’s clever thinking is to overcome the “SCB Shock”, the last defeats of 2017 and 2019.

Everyone constantly declares that it doesn’t matter at all. The opposite is true. On the way to the top, engaging with the SC Bern is of central importance. In outdoor perception, this SCB was still gigantic. But in reality, only the sporting champion who rides in the last ray of glory towards the middle level and in the future should be happy to be able to survive against Langnau, Lakers or Umbre.

The extent of this credit and savings bank shock that still weighs on Zug’s spirit is shown by the two defeats in Bern, which were so respected. Now that shock has been overcome in the quarter-finals. There could be no better mental training at the start of the qualifiers.

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Zug significantly improved in five areas compared to 2017 and 2019:

  1. First, the goalkeeper position. Leonardo Ginoni statistically (fishing stakes) is not the best man in these qualifiers. But with his best performance to date in an EVZ dress, he has played “to zero” in the most important game of the season so far. Would Zug also win 1-0 with Tobias Stefan in Bern and had they reached the semi-finals? No. It took Leonardo Ginoni.
  2. Second place in the center. With Jan Kovar, Zug has the best striker in the league. He leads the first attack with Grégory Hofmann and Dario Simion and also takes care of defensive homework. If we call it the Schiller butterfly because of its technical brilliance, then we mean the Schiller butterfly with its teeth and claws. No opponent in this league scared him. He won championships in Russia and the Czech Republic. With him, the people of Zug have a leader who can be a master. It wasn’t Captain Raphael Diaz yet.
  3. Third, in his third year under coach Dan Tangis, Zug achieved a similar sense of style as he once did with Kari Yalonen FC. This sense of elegance is a prerequisite for combining speed and accuracy. In order to defeat a well-organized opponent such as ZSC Lions or Servette in the Final, this combination is the main requirement.
  4. Fourth, offensive firepower is better distributed. It is not enough to neutralize the first line around Jan Kovar. The “secondary scoring” for Zug includes strikers such as Leno Marchini, Karl Klingberg or Yannick Zinder, who will have a place in the first storm with many other teams.
  5. Fifth, defensive stability is greater than it was in 2017 and 2019. Even without foreign defenders. Relatively “little” names like Tobias Geisser, Livio Stadler, and Claudio Cadonau contribute a lot to this stability.
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Is it daring to talk about your chances of winning the title once you win the semi-finals? No. For a future hero, it is important that he takes every opponent, including the Lakers, very seriously. Future champ also means no doubt about victory over the Lakers.

So far, the first title’s “roadmap” was more like something outside of a movie scenario: 1st place after qualifying and then the ingenious ruling dynasty from Bern will be overthrown. Since then, self-confidence has been ignored and combed out.

Now the Zugers can qualify for the final on the terrifying highway. The Lakers are the perfect opponent for the Final Challenge against ZSC Lions or Servette. Good enough to be taken seriously. But it is not good enough to win this semifinals.

Against the Lakers, the Cougars can adjust their playing speed with a “sharp shot” more accurately and correct recent deficiencies better than better training.

However, the Zugers must beware of a completely cinematic end to all ingenious dreams: that would be a failure against the Lakers in a Hollywood movie. Title: “When Pride Comes Before a Fall.”

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Ismester Zag

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