30,000 fans at the Six60 concert in New Zealand

30,000 fans at the Six60 concert in New Zealand

Unmasked, no minimum distance: In New Zealand, fans celebrated Saturday, February 13th with the largest outdoor concert so far since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of 30,000 people attended the Fusion Rock Six 60 concert at the wholly sold Sky Stadium in Wellington. Concerts like this in front of a large audience are only possible because the Corona situation in New Zealand has been relatively calm since the end of last year. For a long time, there were no new locally transmitted Covid-19 cases.

Stadium displays sold regularly

The Six 60s call themselves the largest live band in the world. So it’s no wonder they are the ones making the leap in terms of live events. The band has already performed four concerts of the same size on their tour across New Zealand and is celebrating a huge success with Saturday shows that sell out regularly. The band’s next and final concert will take place in Hamilton on February 27th.

A new lockdown imposed on Auckland

On Sunday, one day after the party, New Zealand reported new infections for the first time since January 24. In Auckland, the largest city in the country, a couple and their daughter have contracted the virus. Then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern imposed a three-day lockdown in the capital. People are only allowed exceptions, such as shopping and commuting from home.

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With fewer than 2,000 infections and 26 deaths in 2020, New Zealand is a prime example of how to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Corona vaccinations will start there on February 20, 2021.

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