14 million people were affected by the hacker attack

14 million people were affected by the hacker attack

Photo: IMAGO / Silas Stein / IMAGO / Silas Stein

Hackers stole data such as driver’s license and passport numbers from a financial service provider. 14 million people in Australia and New Zealand are affected – nearly half of all citizens there.

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Hackers obtained data from about 14 million customers of financial services provider Latitude Financial in Australia and New Zealand. As the company announced on Monday, among other things, the driver’s license data of 7.9 million people and 53,000 passport numbers have been stolen. Accordingly, 6.1 million data records containing information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth were compromised.

In March, far fewer people should have been affected

Latitude Financial actually announced the cyber attack in mid-March, but initially only assumed that around 330,000 people would be affected. “It is disappointing that so many customers and claimants have been affected by this incident,” said Ahmed Faour, CEO of Latitude. A total of 31 million people live in Australia and New Zealand.

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