12 most amazing streets in the world

12 most amazing streets in the world

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Looking to slow down? Then get behind the wheel and hit the road! We offer you twelve scenic itineraries that are guaranteed to leave everyday life behind on a road trip.

1. Milford Road, New Zealand

British writer Rudyard Kipling is said to have described Milford Sound in New Zealand as the eighth wonder of the world – but the road to the fjord is really beautiful! En route on Milford Road, part of State Highway 94, crystal clear lakes, gigantic mountains and thundering waterfalls ensure that you take your breath away.

At the end of Milford Road, perhaps New Zealand’s most famous image awaits: Milford Sound.

2. Garden Route, South Africa

Turquoise blue waters, endless sandy beaches, deep gorges, dense forests and vast deserts: a highlight follows the next on the Garden Route in South Africa. And because bungee jumping, boat tours, and safaris await you away from the 220-kilometer route, you should definitely plan for a stopover.

The Blucrans Bridge, 216 meters high, is the longest bridge in all of Africa.

3. Jabal Hafeet Street, Abu Dhabi

Anyone who has reached the 1,240-meter-high Jebel Hafeet in Abu Dhabi looks at the endless light brown color of the desert. The way there is simply gorgeous! The twelve-kilometer road winds through the mountains at 60 turns. The three lanes (two up, one down) are lined with white concrete blocks – as fall protection. Because he threw quite a few drivers off the rails.

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The road winds at Jebel Hafeet in 60 bends, up to 1,200 meters high.

4. Ringstraße, Island

It is ubiquitous on the Ring Road: Route 1 leads entirely around Iceland for more than 1,332 kilometers. In six to twelve days, you will experience stunning volcanic landscapes, fjords, waterfalls, small villages, glaciers, and beaches. It is best to have a driver assistant with you to take over the drive. So you can also let your gaze wander.

Rugged volcanic landscape and mountains with snow and sunset: Iceland’s beauty can be seen along the Ringstrasse.

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5. The road to Hana, Hawaii

Aloha! The 103.6-kilometer road from Kahului to Hana not only takes you to the city of around 1,200 people in eastern Maui, but also deep into the rainforest of the Kolao Forest Reserve. Waterfalls, bathing ponds, quiet towns and deep valleys pass a total of 54 bridges.

Simply intoxicating: waterfalls all the way to here.

6. Via Aurelia, Italien

Are you a fan of history? Then click on Via Aurelia! Or, to be more precise: on State Road 1, SS 1, which runs along the old road. The 962 km long historical flagship served the Romans as a trade route between Rome and the capital of the Tuscan province of Pisa.

Via Aurelia should provide the sea. It is also the case here in the city of Imperia, which is located directly on the Ligurian Mediterranean coast.

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7. Pan Americana, Chile

Two Continents, Four Climate Zones and Six Time Zones, 17 Countries, Over 30,000 Kilometers: Panamericana is a unique adventure! On the longest road in the world, drive through deserts, mega cities, forests, high mountains and along the Pacific coast. Can’t you make it all the way? Then we recommend driving through the Chilean part.

Carretera Austral in Chile is part of Panamericana – and a true dream road!

8. Kardong Pass, India

Kardung Pass High and High: With a gorge height of about 5,360 meters, the mountain pass in North India is one of the highest permissible in the world! Inexperienced travelers feel a little nauseous on the largely paved road, that they cannot enjoy the spectacular view of the canyon at all.

The Kardong Pass is the highest auto lane in the world.

9. Lierdals Tunnel, Norway

You can tell that tunnel vision can also be stunningly beautiful in Norwegian Lærdalstunnel. The white, blue, and yellow lighting should ensure that you do not sleep while driving through a road tunnel more than 24 kilometers long (log!). So: keep your eyes open!

Not the light in the end, but the colorful lights inside the Lærdal Tunnel make the trek a great experience.

10. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Deserted beaches, waterfalls, gigantic rock formations: Along the Great Ocean Road, the legendary Coastal Road, Australia shows its coolest side! With a little luck, you’ll also spot a koala, kangaroo, or emu along the way. But remember: always stay in the left lane.

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Great Ocean Road leads directly along the southern Australian coast.

11. Seven Mile Bridge, United States of America

The Overseas Highway is 205 kilometers – the most impressive part is clearly the Seven Mile Bridge, which connects the Florida Keys. Incidentally, the bridge is not seven, but only 6.79 miles (10,931 meters) long. If you’re lucky, you’ll cross it in fine weather: the waters below you are crystal clear.

The Seven Mile Bridge is less than seven miles long and still looks endless.

12. Furka Pass, Switzerland

Cars, motorbikes and caravans bow over the 2,429-meter Furka Pass from Wallis to Oernerland, especially on weekends – even without Her Majesty’s secret mission.

Even without Aston Martin, you can experience the beautiful Swiss mountains on the Furka Pass.

The card became popular in the mid-1960s with the James Bond movie “Goldfinger”. Even a curve named after the movie: The James Bond curve for golden fingers.

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