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10 reasons why New Zealand is so attractive

The COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading for a year, disrupting daily life and economies in countries around the world. Faced with this tense global situation, many are considering leaving their countries to emigrate to New Zealand.

Thanks to its excellent crisis management and pleasant living environment, the tall white cloud nation is emerging today as an asylum destination in the eyes of the world. Beyond their wonderful nature, the New Zealand It has several strengths that are increasingly attracting expatriates around the world. Focus on the 10 reasons why you should think about it New Zealand Attractive Si!

1 / Typical Crisis Management

It has been cited as a model to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, and as a policy Prime Minister of New ZealandAnd the Jacinda ArdernIt made it possible to stop the health crisis in just a few months. Unfortunately, the vast majority of countries cannot say the same thing, which also explains the fact that New Zealand It has also been observed internationally.

From an economics point of view, this effective crisis management made it possible to limit the damage. Business leaders and experts New Zealand They are somewhat optimistic about the country’s ability to recover.

2 / A warm welcome

Kiwi has a reputation for being relaxed, welcoming and friendly! With its inhabitants from different parts of the world combining influences from all over the world and a quarter of its foreign-born population, New Zealanders know what it means to arrive in a new country. It is not uncommon that when chatting with someone, you are asked which country you are from and what brought you to come. New Zealand.

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3 / A dynamic economy

The New Zealand It has one of the most open and dynamic economic markets in the world. With an average growth of 3%, the New Zealand It ranks fourth among the fastest growing developed countries.

We do not have an adequate perspective yet on the COVID-19 crisis and its exact impact on New Zealand’s economy. However, the country’s economy appears to be recovering and experts announced at the end of 2020 that the economy was performing better than expected.

4 / Great job opportunities

The New Zealand It offers great job opportunities in many fields (health, construction, information technology, etc.). Lists of required occupations are issued regularly before New Zealand government And the opportunity to identify professions that suffer from a shortage of manpower.

You have diplomas and experience in France (Or in EuropeIt is a real advantage for New Zealand employers, provided they know how to assess them and adapt to the specifics of the country.

5 / Unbeatable quality of life

The New Zealand It offers its residents a good balance between the dynamics of its economy and the “kiwi style” rhythm of life, while giving great importance to personal development and family life. According to HSBC Expat Explorer 2019 Survey, New Zealand It ranks second in the world for work-life balance.

The New Zealand The benefits are from everything that the Western economy has to offer, with only a small portion of the population United kingdom or Japan, Whose territory is located in approximately the same area.

6 / Great facility to do

Thanks to its flexible and dynamic economy, financial and management simplicity, the New Zealand It is a favorable area for entrepreneurship. It is also possible to set up a company there in less than a day, with the fewest number of procedures required in the world.

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The World Bank He has also compiled, for the fourth year in a row, a file New Zealand It ranks first in the world in its annual “Doing Business 2020” report, which ranks countries according to the ease of doing business. For comparison, out of 190 countries evaluated, the France It comes 32nd in the ranking.

7 / Importance given to gender equality

The New Zealand It is one of the top 10 countries in the world where equality between men and women is most respected. The country is in seventh place (behind the Nordic countries, generally typical of societal issues and Nicaragua). For comparison, the France In fifteenth place in the ranking.

8 / Excellent educational system

The New Zealand It is a great destination to study. It was ranked third in the Global Education for the Future Index 2019 (The France It is ranked 14), and New Zealand It has one of the best education systems in the world.

The country has 8 universities, all of which are of excellent standard. In 2020, they are all ranked again at the top of the best universities in the world, according to QS World University Rankings.

9 / Safe and stable country

Away from the rest of the world, New Zealand It provides a great sense of security to its residents. The country is also ranked the second safest destination in the world in Global Peace Index 2020.

The New Zealand It also enjoys great political stability and is recognized as the least corrupt country in the world by Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2019.

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10 / Country of asylum in the event of “the end of the world”.

In 2019, researchers from New Zealand published a ranking of countries humankind can rely on to re-house Earth in the event of the end of the world. summit: Australia, New Zealand and Iceland.

To achieve this classification, these researchers studied several criteria (location on the planet, population, stability of the political system, infrastructures, etc.) facing the hypothesis that extreme scenarios will occur: biological or artificial intelligence threats, nuclear technologies, mega volcanoes or even alteration. Climate, etc.

The island states have won the favor of these researchers, especially because of the ease with which they close their borders and isolate themselves.

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