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The French days at Amazon and elsewhere continue with even greater intensity this Sunday. We’ve seen excellent performances since the start of the weekend, and that’s still the case today. However, some items were sold out. The process actually ends on Monday, September 27th, so it will be necessary to be quick in dealing with merchants. Here is our selection of the best deals.

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French days on Amazon, Cdiscount, Boulanger or Darty are a real money-saving opportunity. Over the years, this process has gained popularity and quality, which means that there are a huge number of offers aimed at even branded products. That is why discounts can disappear a few hours after they come online – lack of stock. Don’t miss your chance!

French Amazon days, golden opportunity

This year, French Days on Amazon and elsewhere takes place from September 24-27, which means this version will end on Monday evening at midnight: prices will be back to normal. Throughout the event, merchants offer an endless selection of excellent deals, you can save with flash deals that appear and disappear quickly, or with more traditional discounts.

During the French days at Amazon et Cie, getting around quickly can be very challenging. And for good reason, the process highlights thousands of offers, and it can be quick to get complicated to explore all the sites’ discounts. We’ve put together this small collection of the best deals to help you find what you need. It is updated as often as possible so you will not be disappointed when looking for a deal that is no longer already available.

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During the French days on Amazon, Cdiscount and others, technology is in the spotlight – it’s also the main target of this list of shows. However, it should be noted that all product categories are discounted during this event, you can make excellent deals on products from topics such as sports, culture, health, childcare and many more.

If the French days on Amazon and elsewhere are about all product categories, then the process is also about many major brand products from online merchants: Bose, Samsung, Apple, Dyson, Sony … These high-end devices are made more accessible during this event. It is ideal if you are looking for a new smartphone, headphones, computer or something else, you will have the opportunity to find what you are looking for.

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Sunday’s best deals

During the first edition of French Days, six merchants responded to the call of the French government. Since then, many have participated in the French-French event. We can count on the strong presence of French Cdiscount and Amazon, but also on AliExpress, Fnac and Darty. The brands themselves are not left out, some offers are posted directly on their site, and this is the case for Dyson and Samsung.

During this edition of “French Days”, RED by SFR surprises everyone. In parallel with this process, it offers an immediate discount of 50 euros on … the latest iPhone 13. The entire range benefits from this discount and this is a discount available to everyone. You do not have to be an existing customer or have the obligation to qualify. It is surprising to see that these smartphones were already in the spotlight when they were available for sale since the weekend.

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That’s not all because the French days on Amazon give you the opportunity to save money on the iRobot Roomba 981. It’s an excellent robotic vacuum cleaner that costs 399 euros instead of 999. This model is a standalone device that does the cleaning for you, saving time and energy … and money . With the current discount, you can achieve an instant 60% savings on the product.

For the French days, Cdiscount is also not left out. The French dealer’s website celebrates the discount of the latest Bose Headphones 700. This is the latest model of the brand, and it is entitled to an effective noise reduction system and all the premium features expected on such a device. Again, it will be necessary to act quickly in order to be entitled to it, because stocks are limited in all of these as well as many others.

Return all your missed purchases

Don’t risk doing French Days on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. In all cases, you have a period to change your mind after online purchases: it is possible to make a free return for a full refund. This period is 30 days on Amazon and 14 days on Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty, etc. This is ideal if you still have doubts about an item or if you are not satisfied with the order after receiving it.

France Days ends on Monday at midnight, but we already know that many shows will be over by then. Weekends are a good time to find the best deals, and Amazon and others continue a strong pace of bargains and flash sales.

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