Android Auto is full of news: Here's a rundown of all the upcoming news

Android Auto is full of news: Here’s a rundown of all the upcoming news

Google announced today Series of news more and less relevant to Android AutoA green robot system that “lives” in the car through smartphones. Arrived: Redesigned navigation with Waze, work profile support, better management of dual-SIM smartphones, GameSnacks, content recommendations, and the ability to pay for refueling through Google Assistant, albeit for the time being exclusively in the USA.

Android Auto, Google confirm: smartphone version

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The news will be Unconfirmed distribution times: Google just said they’re coming “presto”, which presupposes an indefinite period of time and individual novelties can arrive “soon” but at different times. A little more accurate timing for the collaboration between Google and HondaThanks to this, the cars of the Japanese company will be managed with the capabilities of a real car operating system, i.e. Android cars.


Google introduces a number of new features for Navigating on Waze, the “social” navigation app that has been owned by Big G for nearly a decade. with the update, wizz Get Android Auto:

  • Support for touch panels in infotainment systems
  • night mode
  • hot signs
  • The absolute priority of the map and directions over other notifications or warnings that may occur while navigating

Business and dual sim smartphone

In development for months ai . support Job profiles* They are finally about to make their way to Android Auto, which in this way will allow those who only use one smartphone for work and private life to access the apps used for work from the Android Auto dashboard. Apps belonging to the workplace will appear different from those in the private domain thanks to a small bag badge.

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Moreover, those who use a dual-SIM smartphone will be able to communicate with Android Auto The default SIM card to use for calls. This prevents potential distractions, which is why Android Auto was created. So that’s good.

*To take advantage of a work profile On Android what you need Work for a company that supports them. Having a work profile gives you the ability to separate applications and work data from applications and personal data, so that one is not confused with the other. Who is the More information.

Games and Content Tips

Access GameSnacks On Android Auto, it was known a couple of months ago, but since its announcement they have never appeared. Google will soon tackle by bundling GameSnacks mini-games with a handful of apps on the Android Auto homepage – which are already available on Google Play. Chrome Discover Google.

Don’t worry, they won’t – of course – be a distraction behind the wheel. As you can see from the above images and from the flowery change from Google, it will be possible to enjoy GameSnacks Only when the car is parkedWhen you have to spend time waiting to order takeaway at the restaurant. Provided there is an internet connection, because GameSnacks Hobbies are developed in HTML5.

An alternative to games is content of a different nature available on Android Auto. over there Choose the best With any distraction it would be Care Google AssistantAnd Which will provide personalized recommendations about music, news and podcasts: a new virtual button will arrive in the navigation bar that, when touched, invites you to say the type of content you want to listen to. In fact, the assistant will take care of the selection.

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Pay for fuel with the item and more

Here is some news that in all probability Non will matter, at least for now, Italian users.

a “Future” scents, But the rollout will start from the United States of America: it will be possible Ask your Google Assistant to pay for fuel Indicates the number of the distributor where you refueled; entrusted with treatment Google Pay. The new version will be available at more than 32,500 service stations with Exxon and Mobile participating first.

Finally, Google announced a file New, simplified control panel for assistive driving modeAnd Long Wait (2019), Link 1st in USA (2020) Then Spread to other countries (2021) Among them, however, Italy no number yet. This is an “invisible” novelty, because it is enough to say the usual “Hey Google, let’s drive” to see the new launcher appear on the smartphone screen.

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