Zidane and the sport call themselves r/place, the pixel battle that ignites the internet

Zidane and the sport call themselves r/place, the pixel battle that ignites the internet

Hundreds of thousands of people coordinate, wrestle, betray and defy LIVE: Since the 1st of April, a pixel battle has set the internet on fire. Originally, the American forum Reddit, which chose to re-launch for the second time this year “Location” section. On it, each user has the possibility to place a pixel on a giant digital mural, every five minutes. By organizing, Internet users are trying to get a plot of land to draw flags, logos and even artwork in a pleasant atmosphere. An opportunity to draw attention that sports fans did not miss.

Messi and Ronaldo are arms in an arm. (Dr)

Zidane, national pride

In certain places of the fresco, the collaborative experience quickly turned into a display of power between nations. Thus the Argentines and the Portuguese were able to display their flag and represented Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at their crossroads, one arm. Aroused by influencers, the French painted a huge three-colored flag, on which a giant portrait of Zinedine Zidane was placed, as the main source of national pride.

French business coordinator, Large “Kamito” full streamer It has at times crossed the 200,000 viewer mark on Twitch. Take advantage of the event to highlight Its esports team, Karmine Corp, whose emblem was depicted on the fresco for some time, before disappearing. Other rival teams from KC, such as Vitality, Fnatic or the Ukrainians from NAVI, also appeared temporarily at the venue.

Formula 1 is very representative

With over 50 million users, Reddit is one of the strongholds of the American Internet. It is divided into over a million sub-communities, called subreddits, which have thus mobilized their forces to represent them on the web. Some of them, dedicated to football clubs, managed to embed their own coat of arms on the frescoes, such as Chelsea or Barcelona. Next to Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp stands with the Champions League trophy.

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Particularly active on the forum, the Formula 1 and NBA fan communities have also taken up their space, in particular reproducing a famous montage of Nico Rosberg in front of a blast. But its location, like all others, is temporary: until the unknown time when the square should expire, on Monday, the pixels that make it up can still be replaced …

Boston Bruins and Phoenix Suns fans also participated.  (Dr)

Boston Bruins and Phoenix Suns fans also participated. (Dr)

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